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Our dogs / Gabby

South African Ch. Tambay's Gabriella January 1999 to November 2010

We bought Gabby from one of the well known breeders in South Africa, Ute and Franz Fuglister (Tambay Boxers) in 1999 at the age of 9 weeks. Gabby matured slow and obtained her first points in the show ring at the age of 18 month under an international judge, Ralf Brinkman. She started winning steadily after that and completed her championship at a high with a point awards class winning under another well known international judge, Karin Rezewski. Karin Rezewski made the follow remark about Gabby: "The bitch Tambay's Gabriella showed, despite her compactness an outline of the finest".

Although Gabby had a very strong drive, she was very easy to handle in the show ring. She loved showing herself and it always amazed me that she allowed me to position her without resisting. It was an absolute pleasure to show her. She loved obedience training . At the age of 2½ years she completed a 20 km endurance trail to obtain her AD status. Gabby was bred 4 times. She produced Rosche's Bundel of Joy (Joy) that is still living with the Richters. After moving to Canada she was breed to Falkor's Enter the Dragon (Lex) and produced Timbavati's Eminent Domain Tienlung (Rambo). Rambo is a very special dog. He was trained as a service dog and obtained his International Service Dog certificate before the age of one year. He lives with his owner Eileen in Ontario and proved that boxers are highly trainable and a working dog, what they were originally breed for. Gabby is left us in November 2010 close to the age 12 years. We will always miss you Gabby. We are lucky to have Gabby’s daughter, Joy and grandson, Elgar.

Gabby was bred to CH Tambay's Janosz, the South African Boxer of the year two consecutive years. Out that litter we kept Roche's Bundle of Joy (Joy). After we moved to Canada , she was then bred to Lex ( Falkor's Enter The Dragon ) and produced from that litter an international service dog. We are very proud that Gabby and Lex produced a puppy that helps someone get through their daily life with joy and grace.


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