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About us

We first got involved with boxers in 1990 when we moved into our first house in South Africa. I wanted a dog and Chris said yes, but it had to be a boxer. We bought our first boxer, Maggie. Although she was not registered, it was such a pleasure to own her. She loved swimming and we have spent several pleasurable hours with her in the swimming pool. Within a year we bought our first registered bitch, Nadine and started breeding. In 1999, after accepting a work with more regular hours, we bought a male, Casti and a female, Gabby from two well known breeders in South Africa. Thanks to Ute Fuglister (Tambay boxers) and Marlene Heystek (Jakkalsdans boxers) for placing them with us. We joined the boxer club and started showing Casti and Gabby. I have learned so much about this wonderful breed over the last 17 years.

In 2003 we have moved to Edmonton, Canada and were so privileged that we could bring three of our dogs with us. We are a small breeders and do not breed more than 2 litters a years. We strive to increase the standard of the breed by making sure that we produce well bred and healthy puppies.

We live on a 4 acre small holding acreage close to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our dogs get plenty of exercise and we believe in feeding a natural raw diet. All our breeding dogs are health tested. I hope you enjoy our website.

Chris & Solina Richter
(Timbavati kennels)

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